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Facilitator training

Facilitating is not just another word for teaching but represents a very different way of helping adults learn through interactive discussion.  

A facilitator guides adult learners in a process of interactive discovery. The facilitator differs from a formal trainer or teacher, who transmits a body of knowledge or set of skills to a group by using a lecture-driven model. Through focused group discussion, adults think, listen and reflect as they exercise their God-given gifts and experiences to effectively learn from each other and from the material studied​. 


Entrust’s facilitator trainings use interactive teaching methods that build on the best practices in adult learning. Since adults often need to find meaningful ways to apply life’s experiences, our well-facilitated small groups offer an ideal setting for this endeavor.

Teacher and students

Traditional Transmission Learning

Group Discussion

Facilitated Relational Learning

“I’ve struggled to find an effective equipping track to run on. I sense a strong desire to grow in facilitating a small group discipleship group. Beyond that, I have a desire for others to catch the vision.”

Bev, Facilitating Relational Learning participant


How will Entrust facilitator training help you?

Our training can help you

  • appreciate the importance of group learning for adults

  • use any content in an interactive learning experience

  • gain experience using an interactive, dialogic approach

  • integrate both mini-lecture and discussion in facilitating seminars

  • practice organizing and leading a seminar

  • draft a personal strategy for using the training in your ministry

  • join others in their life journey through effective facilitating of small groups

  • lead an Entrust Facilitating Relational Learning group in your home church or ministry*

*  Those who successfully complete an Entrust staff-led Facilitating Relational Learning are qualified to lead local training groups.  The only cost is for materials from Entrust.

How will facilitator training help your church?

Entrust facilitator training benefits the local church because the training is

Transferable: Participants draft a personal strategy for implementing what they have learned.  Once they have successfully completed Entrust Facilitating Relational Learning they can be involved with leading local Entrust facilitator training events.

Sustainable: As local church and ministry leaders gain experience putting into practice what they have learned, they become a resource for future training within the church or organization.

Transformational: Participants are challenged to think and live biblically, which leads to transformed churches that impact their communities.

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