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Additional Curriculum

Entrust serves Christian leaders by developing practical curriculum materials. Our curriculum aims to develop character and ministry skills through the study of God’s word, in-depth relationships, and guided practice sessions. The workbooks listed below are not part of our core modules and are meant to be used in a facilitated manner. Learn more about Entrust's facilitated trainings here.

The Entrust curriculum is designed for college-level students and is part of a learning process that requires trained facilitators.

The following materials may be purchased without first taking any specific Entrust modules; however, we highly recommend that the group leader take Facilitating Relational Learning. Read more about facilitator training.

To view Entrust's core modules and to read our detailed course policies, head to our Core Modules page

Click on a course cover for more information.


Course samples include the introduction and the first lesson. Download a sample by clicking on the workbook name in the following list.

Course Sample
List Description
Building a Lasting Marriage - SAMPLE
The goal of this course is to help participants develop open lines of communication. A biblical design for marriage is presented along with practical means for applying it.
Character of God Study - SAMPLE
This inductive Bible study looks at several different aspects of God’s character. It takes you through the Scriptures to understand his immutability, sovereignty, love, holiness, goodness, omnipresence, omniscience, wisdom, justice, and faithfulness. It also looks at how these characteristics of God impact your life.
Discovering the Treasures of God's Word - SAMPLE
The principles presented in this course will lead to an intimate knowledge of a biblical text, confidence to understand the Bible, and joy in discovering biblical truth firsthand.
Fulfilling the Great Commission - SAMPLE
This course presents the knowledge, methods, and practice to prepare a person to share the gospel with nonbelievers and to disciple believers. Its focus is on equipping Christians to fulfill the Great Commission.
Galatians - SAMPLE
This course draws the reader's attention to the issues of law, grace, legalism, and life in the Spirit by following Paul's flow of thought through the book of Galatians.
Growing a Healthy Church - SAMPLE
Seeking to guide the church to health, maturity, and unity, this course provides the necessary instruction, principles, and methods.
Lay Counseling - SAMPLE
By presenting skills for effective listening and various approaches for interacting with those who come for help, this course equips leaders to provide effective nonprofessional counseling from a biblical perspective.
Nurturing our Children - SAMPLE
This course sets forth biblical principles of child-rearing and family life. Attention is given to practical problems of developing a child’s self-image, discipline, demonstrating love, and dealing with rebellious children.
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