Entrust Leadership


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CEO - Chris Goree

Chris came to faith in Christ as a child and was raised in a family that was dedicated to serving the Lord. Chris and his wife Laurie met through a campus ministry at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. Chris practiced law in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for several years while leading ministries in his church and in their neighborhood. Those ministries led to God's calling to full-time ministry. Chris and Laurie moved back to Norman to lead campus ministries developing students into multiplying leaders around the world. Chris served on a regional leadership team overseeing ministry in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. Laurie is on staff with Entrust as an organizational strategist. They have two married adult children.


CFO - Lynn Eber

Lynn received Christ through the ministry of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship in her sophomore year in college. She served nine years with Campus Crusade in England, Germany and the Czech Republic. After returning to the U.S., she earned an accounting degree, worked for a CPA firm and came to Entrust to serve as finance director. She also occasionally helps facilitate Entrust training as a mentor for Women-to-Women Ministry Training (WWMT). She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Eddie Gibson was born and raised in Liberia. He came to saving faith in Christ through a girl with whom he’d fallen in love. When the young woman suggested he either go to church with her family or stop visiting her, he agreed to go to church. Eventually he turned his life over to Christ and later, received a call to ministry. He earned an M.Div. at Beeson Divinity School in 1993. He has built schools in Liberia, and pastored churches in both Liberia and the U.S. He is currently a pastor at Brewster Road Community Church, Birmingham, Ala. The young woman with whom he fell in love and through whom he became a Christian is his wife, Charlesetta Leona Gibson.

President of African Initiatives - Eddie Gibson



Douglas Adams

“My goal as a board member is to serve the Entrust community (including its leaders, staff members, supporters, support staff and friends) through prayer, policy making, financial support, providing of counsel and accountability as we work together to achieve our calling of multiplying church leaders..."

Mary M. Dean

“One of the first people Glenn and I supported right after we were married was an Entrust staff person. I became personally involved with Entrust as part of a team that traveled to Moscow, Russia for a long- term training project in partnership with the Russian Baptist Union…”

Chris Goree

“I am humbled and excited to serve the Entrust community. The Lord used Psalm 105:1 to call me into full-time Christian service. ‘Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done.’ I know of no other ministry that better embraces…”

Richard D. Harig

“I lived in Vienna with my family from 1992-1994, where our closest friends were Entrust staff. I got to know the ministry through those on the ground doing the good work of Entrust. After leaving Vienna, I realized the Lord’s purpose in having us there was to meet the people of Entrust..."

Ernest Jaffarian

“Multiplying leaders for multiplying churches.  God has called Entrust to respond to a clear need in His work and plan and I’m honored to be allowed to participate.  It is my prayer that the giftedness and experience that God has graced me with in business can be used to assist the ministry...”

Dr. Andrew B. Seidel

“I am excited to be part of Entrust because Entrust is an innovative ministry to church leaders in many areas of the world. My particular passion is the training of pastors in countries where pastoral training is difficult to obtain; my focus is providing training in pastoral ministry and leadership.”

Dr. Joy Dahl

“Entrust has an incredible legacy of training and equipping leaders around the world to effectively train and send others into their communities and workplaces. It is truly an honor to serve in the mission of this organization. I appreciate the fact that integrity and accountability…”

Dr. Lydia Floren

“Entrust is made up of compassionate, godly people who are focused on communicating God's truth to the world in a culturally sensitive way. I appreciate the fact that the organization is managed responsibly and with integrity.”

Dr. Roger Gulick

“In 1986, the president of Entrust asked my wife and I to travel with him behind the Iron Curtain and do some teaching of church leaders who could not get biblical and theological training other than through Entrust. I saw the hunger these men had to be better equipped to lead in their churches..."

Timothy J. Hogan

"My connection with Entrust began when a mentor asked me to join him in the Czech Republic for a training session. From that experience, I recognized Entrust’s strategic mission to train those who desperately need it, but who don’t have the resources to study abroad...”

Terry A. Klare

“My wife and I have known and supported missionaries in various services throughout the U.S. and other places in the world. As I near the end of my work career, I desire to become more involved in cross-cultural ministry and play at least a small part in spreading God’s word to others...”