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Impacting the Kingdom


Jean uses storyboarding in church and counseling

"As a marriage and family therapist, I found Developing a Discerning Heart to be a powerful tool in the church."


Kathryn packs
her toolbox

"This will have a huge impact on the way I do ministry. This is a totally different way to do group study and I am excited to practice and see God work through it."


Linda's open to a new path

Developing a Discerning Heart online? Are you kidding me? Then I told the Lord I was willing for him to change my mind.


Whitney grows to invest in others

Facilitating Relational Learning was fabulous, bar none, the best by far for equipping ... I used to feel pressure to perform ...

Thailand WWMT Story_Esther.jpeg

Esther equips local business leaders in Kenya

Working for Sheepfold Ministries among unreached people in several African nations, Esther trains full-time Christian workers who are preparing to establish local sustainable businesses. She came to Asia desiring to learn how to apply adult learning principles to her training.

Dramatic Sunset

Emily starts hub in the Philippines

The week we were supposed to have our first training in the Philippines the Taal volcano erupted ...

2021 07 lasma and EWS book.jpeg

Latvia team
translates final course

“Our vision is to equip as many women as we can to facilitate those courses in local churches,” Lasma says. "We hope to equip new facilitators who can train others and make new facilitator generations!”


Angie walks in her gifts

Angie discovered she could use her spiritual gifts of mercy and encouragement as a personal trainer.


Jane invites discussion in abortion recovery 

"What I found of immediate value in my training was being able to take the curriculum for the Abortion Recovery Bible Study and re-vamp it to make it more interactive and thought-provoking through good open questions."

Online Class

Is online worth it?

"One of the great blessings included a long term worker (who) had been blacklisted in her country. She couldn't attend in person, but she could participate online from her temporary residence."

Bizunesh Aster.jpeg

Bizunesh and Aster
nurture in Ethiopia

After taking Developing a Discerning Heart with Ramonda, Bizunesh and Aster desire to pass it on to women in their region.


Polly invites all ages

Serving in her county's detention center, Polly found building trust didn’t come easily, but open questions cleared a space for trust to grow.

Tree Planting

Mastona seeks to equip others

“I have grown more in the last 15 weeks than in all the rest of my Christian life. Now I think about the potential of the women in my group ...