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Mark Huffman

University of Northwestern - St. Paul, MN, B.S.,
computer information systems and biblical studies, 1988
CBLT, Fellowship Bible Church, St. Cloud, MN, 1992
Executive Director, Interserve USA, 2021
Entrust board member since 2023

Mark was born and raised in a godly home in Minnesota, in the United States. He met his wife Kim while attending the University of Northwestern in Minnesota. They were married shortly after graduating from university.

Mark worked as a business analyst and technology consultant for two decades while also serving as a church planter and pastor in central Minnesota. After serving as teachers, disciplers, team leaders and church planters in Odessa, Ukraine, for over 10 years, Mark and Kim moved back to the U.S. in 2017 to continue serving, but in a more global capacity.

From January 2017 to December 2020, Mark served as Entrust’s COO. He arrived at Interserve USA in Philadelphia in January 2021 to begin serving as its executive director.

Mark has a great passion to focus on the Great Commission, which means raising, preparing, sending and caring for workers going to serve wherever God leads them. Mark and Kim have three sons, all of whom are now married and walking with Christ. In 2022, they were blessed with two grandchildren.

“We have had 2,000 years to witness to the ends of the earth, yet one-third of the world still has no testimony of Christ. Entrust is helping finish the task by providing essential training to leaders that will help them train more leaders and continue building Christ’s church. After spending over three decades training leaders, I am privileged to be part of such an innovative group.”

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