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Entrust comes alongside leaders in Africa in partnership with local ministries including More than a Mile Deep, the Global Mentorship Network, Stepping Up to Her Place and the International College of Bible and Missions.

Entrust Equipping Women offers trainings to equip women with biblical skills and ability to nurture others in leadership and relationships in the context of the local church. Find out more.


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More than a Mile Deep is an African-owned and designed, non-formal, accredited, ministry training program employed across sub-Saharan Africa. Its curriculum is written, tested and facilitated by regional Christian leaders. Steeped in Scripture and designed to address the unique needs of the African church, each course aims to achieve individual, church and community transformation. 

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The International College of Bible and Missions exists to serve the need of training leaders for the evangelical churches of Southern Africa. Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, the school offers theological and practical Christian ministry training for men and women of multiple ethnicities and religious backgrounds and serves as a resource for regional churches and lay leaders.

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African women are increasingly afforded leadership responsibilities in both secular and church settings. Stepping Up to Her Place, launched and directed by a local team of women, is a 2-year certificate program incorporating education, mentoring and consultancy. Courses include Bible study skills for leadership development, the synoptic gospels, spiritual gifts, Christian ethics and leadership, and being a woman leader in an African context. 

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Global Mentorship Network is a leadership initiative seeking  to develop leaders from a spiritual and intellectual base. It aims to impact not only current leaders, but future generations of leaders in all walks of life. GMN focuses specifically on spiritual formation, professional development, ministry effectiveness and marriage and family, with the goal of influencing all corners of society with Christian values.

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Life was good

Life was good for young Bradley Ramsamy.

He lived with his parents and older sister in Lenasia, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. “We were neither rich nor poor,” he recalls. “My mum and dad earned enough to feed and clothe us. We had a humble home and car.”

by Dr. Stephen Briix, academic dean, International College of Bible and Missions, Johannesburg, South Africa

Virtual vision trips are win-win-win

At the International College of Bible and Missions, we equip pastors, providing them with accredited theological college degrees. We strive to help not only the wealthy students but also the students who come from extremely poor communities that were deeply affected by Apartheid. We train men and women to study, live and preach God's word in their communities as they strengthen the church in all its ministries.

Two new churches are born

Planting and Nurturing Enduring Churches. Who’s ever heard of, let alone taken, let alone successfully completed, a course with a title like that? Two students taking part in More than a Mile Deep* training in Zimbabwe took this course and not only successfully completed it, but actually planted two churches in the process.

by Laurie Lind, Entrust staff writer

ICBM: equipping diverse peoples for diverse roles in the local church

God is using International College of Bible and Missions to train and equip current and future local church leaders from multiple backgrounds.

by Jen Frey, U.S. director, Entrust Equipping Women

Diligent equippers

Meet Beatrice and Sandra. Diligent followers of Jesus, eager to equip other women like themselves. They are just two of those who took part in Entrust Equipping Women’s Facilitating Relational Learning module in Zambia in April 2022.

ICBM Virtual Vision Trip

Take a virtual vision trip to International College of Bible and Missions, an Entrust ministry partner in Johannesburg, where local pastors with limited means are studying Bible and theology.

Deep learning, wide applications

More than a Mile Deep (MMD) in Moçambique celebrated the greatest milestone of its existence on October 5, 2019. Ten students graduated from a discipleship program with a fully accredited bachelor’s in theology (B.Th.) degree.

Dr. Steve Briix, academic dean, International College of Bible & Missions, Johannesburg

Spreading the love of Jesus ... and peanut butter!

Many in South Africa ran out of food during the COVID lockdown. Our family prayed about how to help and soon Joseph came to our house asking for food.

by Dan Hopkins, Entrust pastoral care team

A pastor took a walk

It all started with a walk.

It was 2017. Liberian pastor Andrew Gombay was studying at a small Bible college in Pennsylvania. One day, he took a walk.

Laurie Lind, Entrust staff writer

Global Mentorship Network

Global Mentorship Network aims to impact not only current leaders, but future generations of leaders – mentor leaders who mentor leaders for professional excellence and spiritual formation.

Ramonda Lunsford, SIM, Southern Africa

Content and process must be culturally relevant

Is Entrust’s Developing a Discerning Heart course relevant to women in Africa? Absolutely! Its foundation on the word of God crosses all cultural barriers and makes it a powerful course for life transformation.

by Olga Alard, Entrust, South Africa

Engaging in a culture of religious pluralism

My husband Arthur and I serve at the International College of Bible and Missions in Johannesburg. Arthur is the principal and also teaches several courses. I also teach occasionally.

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