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More than a Mile Deep

The Mission of MMD ...

is to assist the church in Africa and globally in responding to the great need for servant and prophetic leadership through building collaborative relationships between groups that together develop sustainable, accessible and transformational training systems.


MMD is guided by five foundational principles:

1. Biblical, contextual courses

Most courses in Africa come from outside the continent. Africans need to design, write and field test a curriculum that addresses their intellectual worldview, as well as local, practical issues of the heart. This principle remains a top priority.


2. Holistic church-based discipleship

MMD helps churches develop training systems which enable those churches to strengthen and multiply transformational, sustainable ongoing training of their leadership. New initiatives grow when people embrace the realities of their community and realize that their abilities and resources—though limited—are sufficient for them to make a real difference. While most accredited training aims at implementation upon graduation, students in MMD are required to impact their community from the very start, reaching out through their local churches.


3. African ownership

Many programs in Africa, often Western, provide a symbolic diploma. This has led to a belief that only official accreditation is of any real value. But academic knowledge needs to be tied to the practical. Before starting a course, students go into their communities and find a problem, then they seek biblical solutions. After study and peer interaction, they go back into the situation to address the issues. Thus, MMD training has led to development of African designed and owned projects like small businesses, garbage recycling, care for those impacted by HIV/AIDS and youth ministry.


4. Partnering and cooperation

One organization alone cannot provide leadership training throughout sub-Saharan Africa (53 countries) for both men and women. Effective collaboration is a must. To achieve national and international coverage, local platform organizations are multi-ethnic, interdenominational and regionally representative.


5. Action-Reflection-Action

Action-Reflection-Action is a very practical training methodology incorporated into many MMD courses.


Before students start a course, they go out into the community to discover more about the problems or issues related to the course. Action.


Then, in personal and peer group interaction, they reflect on the issues and a biblical response. Reflection.


Then, after their thinking/understanding has been informed (and transformed) by the reflection, they go out again to make real differences, impacting their churches and communities. Action.

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