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Stepping Up to Her Place

Training African women in leadership.

African women are increasingly afforded leadership responsibilities in secular and Christian sectors. Stepping Up to Her Place's objective is to provide tools that will make women more effective in their calling to serve churches and communities. Stepping Up to Her Place aims to see Christian women leading competently through their spiritual gifts. The program is committed to

  • Train women on how to get the most out of their Bible study

  • Train women on how to lead Bible study effectively

  • Guide women who can guide others to discover and develop their spiritual gifts

  • Mentor women to serve the body of Christ through their spiritual gifts.

Education, mentoring and consultancy

Stepping Up to Her Place is a 2-year certificate program.


The program is associated with a number of Christian networks including the African Women In Mission Network and the Pan African Christian Women Alliance.


Stepping Up to Her Place provides consulting for a number of church women’s groups, where women leaders receive guidance on how to study the Bible in order to gain increased understanding, and to learn what the Scriptures say about who they are and what they are called to be and to do. This understanding of Scripture also guides them on how they might serve together with their brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.

Among the courses offered are

  1. Bible Study skills for leadership development

  2. Synoptic gospels

  3. Identifying and developing spiritual gifts

  4. The leadership mindset

  5. Introduction to Christian ethics and leadership

  6. Program management for women leaders

  7. Mentoring and coaching skills for Christian leaders

  8. Self-management skills for Christian leaders

  9. Empowering the church and community by empowering women’s organization

  10. Being a woman leader in an African context


Dr Isobel McDougall

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Ms Johanna Ramodike

Former School Principal


Elesinah Chauke (PhD)

Education Facilitator



Elesinah Chauke (PhD)

Rose Galadima (PhD)

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