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Global Mentorship Network

Mentoring and developing leaders toward spiritual and professional excellence.

The Global Mentorship Network mentors leaders who mentor leaders. Our vision is to see a global movement of leaders transforming society.

Three phases of mentorship

  1. Sit down to meet with a group, to receive mentorship in the four mandates. 

  2. Walk out to apply the four mandates and to mentor others. 

  3. Be challenged to live out your calling for God.


Four mandates

1. Spiritual formation 

We emphasize a personal relationship with God as the cornerstone of our mentoring process.  


2. Professional development  

We are committed to mentoring leaders to be productive in the marketplace through interactive forums with other professionals. 


3. Ministry effectiveness 

Ministry flows out of being, not doing. Mentorship sessions empower members to bear fruit in their area of gifting. 


4. Marriage & family 

We heavily invest in mentoring young unmarried couples, newly married couples and growing married couples to experience fruitful marriages and relationships. 


Emmanuel and Leticia Bellon

Executive director

Wilson Maina

Global Mentorship Network website

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