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The International College of Bible and Missions 

Training leaders for the evangelical churches of Southern Africa.

Mission statement

ICBM is established to enable those called of God to develop their God-given gifts, to prepare them for the ministry of the propagation of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to teach them to live and work by a Christian worldview.


  • To see men and women trained for vocational Christian ministry, so that they will be effective in making disciples of all the nations.

  • To provide a learning centre for the local Christian community.

  • To be a resource to the churches of Gauteng for workshops and seminars in their areas of need and ICBM’s areas of expertise.

  • To train lay leaders in the churches of the surrounding areas to be highly effective ministers in their churches and highly effective members of their communities.

  • To be the administrative centre of a group of regional learning centres in the major urban areas of South Africa in order to multiply our efforts beyond the region of Gauteng into the rest of the country.

Entrust Staff at ICBM


Principal and Faculty

Dr Arthur Alard

Academic Dean and Faculty

Dr Stephen Briix

Adjunct Faculty

Dr Olga Alard

ICBM Website

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