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Developing a Discerning Heart

This module explores God’s design of men and women as image-bearers of God and the far-reaching effects of the Fall. It studies the life-changing impact of Christ’s redemption and its effects not only on man’s thirst for God but also on each person’s mind, will, and emotions. It looks at the new identify we have in Christ and how that enables us to live redeemed lives and, in turn, help others in their own growth process.

This workbook may only be purchased as a part of an Entrust training. Entrust is a training organization with a high value on modeling facilitated learning. We do this in and through our trainings. We do not primarily publish books and materials but rather train leaders who can then train other leaders. Therefore, our core curriculum is only available as part of one of our trainings. (For women only), a parallel course to Becoming a Man of Understanding.

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