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Entrust: then, now, next

THEN (1979 – Entrust’s first year)

Major challenge facing the European church

  • Communism accompanied by atheism


Entrust’s calling

  • Secretly equip, train, encourage and foster multiplication of Christian leaders behind the Iron Curtain       

  • Assist nationals in establishing nationally-owned ministry training systems


NOW (2019 – Entrust’s 40th year)

Major challenges facing the global church

  • Alarming growth and impact of non-Christian religions and worldviews

  • Escalating persecution

  • Rapid church growth in developing countries, along with global theological famine, and inadequate, inaccessible or un-biblical training for church leaders

  • Apathy, materialism, divisions among Christians, lack of discipleship


Entrust’s calling

  • Assist churches in under-resourced and restricted-access countries to develop and multiply Bible-centered, contextualized, accessible ministry training opportunities        

  • Equip western church leaders with needed skills to train and multiply servant-leaders in evangelism and discipleship


NEXT (until Jesus returns)

New challenges. New approaches. New growth. New regions. New people groups. New churches. New leaders multiplying leaders.

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