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Learning together

20 women, 20 life stories, one common Savior

by Ramonda Lunsford, SIM, Entrust Equipping women certified facilitator

Twenty women of varied ethnicities, languages, tribes and life experiences made up our first-ever Entrust Equipping Women Kenyan hub training in 2017.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in the desert,” one woman told us. Her “desert” experiences included the tragic death of a ministry colleague, followed by years of longing for a baby in a culture where barren women have no value. Her husband, however, is a man who loves and values her and often reminds her of the many spiritual children God has given her. She deeply appreciated the lessons in Developing a Discerning a Heart (DDH), which God used to further heal her heart. She was one of the most joyful women of the entire group.

Another sister in Christ was born into a war-torn nation and placed in her grandmother’s care in a neighboring country. Later, she was given to an uncle, charged with caring for his small children, treated poorly and not allowed to go to school. She eventually met her mother and returned to live with her. She accepted Christ as her Savior as a teen, but because of her new faith, her mother kicked her out and burned her clothing. But she’d found love and acceptance in God. He changed everything for her.

These women are in full-time ministry. Each gained fresh biblical skills during our training module, to apply in her own context. God’s word bridged barriers. He was glorified among us!

“The storyboard was the summary for the whole training. It made me understand my life better and know that everyone has struggles that only God can fulfill and meet. It has made me understand the people I serve. This means serving people has to start from having a deep walk with God. This helps me not to assume and put all people into one basket or level.”
Developing a Discerning Heart (DDH) participant, Kenya

“I have learned how to ask questions! I learned what kind of facilitator I want to be and was given the tools on how to become that facilitator.”
Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL) participant, Kenya

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