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Beatrice and Sandra: diligent equippers

by Jen Frey, U.S. director, Entrust Equipping Women

Meet Beatrice and Sandra. Diligent followers of Jesus, eager to equip other women like themselves. They are just two of those who took part in Entrust Equipping Women’s Facilitating Relational Learning module in Zambia in April 2022.

I first met Beatrice at a farmer’s market in the heart of Lusaka, Zambia. Most people go to the market looking for fresh vegetables or fruit, but this time I was looking for a woman who had registered for our Entrust Equipping Women training. I wanted to meet her ahead of time.

Behind a market stand full of fruits, vegetables and every kind of spice you could imagine, a bright smile and a warm hello greeted me. I had found this precious woman of God and a new friend, Beatrice.

Beatrice has served many years as the women’s ministry director in her church in Lusaka. Throughout the last year, she has been passing her ministry on to the next generation. When she heard about the training that Entrust Equipping Women was bringing to Zambia, she knew it was equipping that she desired to receive. God opened the doors and provided for Beatrice to take FRL with us.

I watched her navigate through the module with great dedication and diligence. She came prepared and ready to contribute during each session.

As a facilitator, I prepare for the trainings with prayer and many hours of preparation for each lesson. The joy and reward that is given back to me through relationships with a woman like Beatrice is a priceless treasure.

At the conclusion of the module, she shared her take-aways from the eight-day intensive. “The training has helped me to improve and change the way I used to share the word of God with my family and others.” Asked what had been most meaningful, she said, “The group discussions, because of learning from each other and getting close to each other, thereby building confidence and trust.”

Beatrice plans to return to her local church with her new skills and understanding of equipping women for kingdom purposes. She will continue to come alongside her co-worker, who also attended the training, to equip the next generation of women in her church.

My final meeting with Beatrice took me back to the beautiful farmer’s market where we first met. She shared with joy and confidence about her experience at the training. We prayed together for all that God will do in this year in her ministry and in her home.

Sandra serves as a women’s ministry leader in her church. She came to the training as the very last one to register. Another participant had had to drop out, opening that last space for Sandra. Completing her pre-work was quite an accomplishment because of her late sign up. But faithfulness and diligence are character traits that define Sandra.

On the first day of the training, when asked to write concerns for the week onto sticky notes, she posted a note about her need for finances for the training.

Throughout the week, Sandra engaged in meaningful discussions, befriended someone in the group who felt unseen and worked tirelessly on her lessons to make them effective. Late in the week, she got the great news that her finances for the training were covered through a gift. Her praise and thankfulness went straight to the Lord. Joy completely covered her face and she told everyone who would listen of God’s great provision.

“Me coming here was not originally intended,” she told us. “God’s plans were for me to be here even though it was last minute. I have been able to learn so much and enjoy making new friends. I had encouraging, concerned facilitators who wanted us to learn.”

Sandra finished the training strong and plans to go back to her home church and pass on what has been given to her.

Beatrice and Sandra. Diligent followers of Christ. Constantly growing in their equipping skills, equipping faithful women who will in turn equip others.

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