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Global Mentorship Network

Laurie Lind, Entrust staff writer

Global Mentorship Network aims to impact not only current leaders, but future generations of leaders – mentor leaders who mentor leaders for professional excellence and spiritual formation.

Executive Director Rev. Wilson N. Maina says GMN’s motto – “To equip leaders who can mentor other leaders to effect positive change in the church and society,” reflects the organization’s vision for continuity of excellent leadership from generation to generation.

“We are not the only ones with the burden for equipping leaders,” Maina acknowledges, adding that “at GMN, we were led to focus on a section of society that will not only have impact in the present times but also impact future generations. These emerging leaders in the church, the marketplace and in the family are well placed at the key intersections of society and are able to reach every facet of the populace both in place and in time.” All with the goal of every corner of society being introduced to and influenced by Christian values.

GMN participants meet regularly in small groups to interact on various issues ranging from leadership principles and practices to marriage and family matters. During the COVID pandemic, some of these meetings took place online, although infrastructure and other issues hindered progress to some extent. As situations improve, GMN hopes to return to more in-person meetings while maintaining online gatherings as well.

Based in Kenya, God has used GMN to strengthen leaders in several nations, with a new branch recently opened in Nigeria and another new branch ready to launch in Uganda. “We are certain that the western node will play a major role in preparing future leaders to operate” in regions in desperate need of well-equipped Christian men and women.


Rev. Maina’s professional background is in property management. He earned a bachelor’s degree in land economics from the University of Nairobi. Later, having heard God’s call to prepare for ministry, he attended Bible school, graduating with a master’s degree in leadership studies. Throughout his studies, he was actively involved in making disciples at his church. From that, he advanced to developing structures and curriculum to provide leadership to a leadership development program geared toward developing leaders that are well equipped to effectively lead various ministries of the church. “I have since realized that this was preparation for my involvement in the much wider Global Mentorship Network,” Maina says.

Rev. Maina is married to Elizabeth. They have three adult children.

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