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Hats off to Entrust retirees Ronnie and Jane Stevens

Hats off to Entrust retirees Ronnie and Jane Stevens. Ronnie and Jane came to Entrust through a friend who was also a Dallas Theological Seminary grad and worked with Entrust. Ronnie and Jane moved to Munich in the mid-1980s to pastor an English-speaking church. From there, Ronnie began making covert trips with Entrust to facilitate ministry training in Eastern Bloc countries. He continued to facilitate training in other parts of the world, while moving on to pastor churches in Russia and Hungary.

Ronnie’s favorite memory is “the special atmosphere of the covert work before the wall fell. I especially cherished being briefed in Vienna before going in and sharing the debrief after coming out. There is nothing more bracing than a small modicum of danger. Of course, the art is to keep it at very low levels, which means of course that it wasn't very dangerous at all.

“It’s been a profound privilege,” Ronnie says. “It provided an embarrassingly high degree of fun.” Asked about his legacy, Ronnie says, “I've honestly never thought about legacy in my life until I read this question. Probably something like: If God can use him, he can use anybody."

God made a difference in hundreds of lives through Jane and Ronnie Stevens. We appreciate and honor them today and invite you to discover how you might follow in their footsteps. Check out our ministry position openings and get in touch!

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