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ICBM Virtual Vision Trip

Bless pastors in South Africa from the comfort of your couch!

Take a virtual vision trip to International College of Bible and Missions, an Entrust ministry partner in Johannesburg, where local pastors with limited means are studying Bible and theology.

This trip is an efficient and effective way for you, your family, small group or church to serve God internationally. Instead of paying for a plane ticket to serve, you can serve the local people by sending the funds to hire locals to do the work and provide scholarships for students. You will connect via Zoom with the faculty and students at ICBM, tour the facility and hear testimonies.

With the funds you provide for your virtual vision trip, we hope to:

  1. repair the roof

  2. repair electrical issues

  3. re-paint the building and fence

  4. put in new flooring

  5. update and expand our library

  6. provide additional scholarships for students

Because many of ICBM’s students make less than $20 a day, the college operates on a small budget to keep tuition low, with all lecturers offering their services for free as volunteers. Thus, the college lacks funds for these projects.

Here’s how the trip works.

Step 1: Pray about being a part of the trip.

Step 2: Decide what you would like to do on the trip.

  • Standard trip. Raise $1,200 toward repairs. This is approximately the cost of your flight to South Africa.

  • Full trip. Raise $2,700 toward repairs. This is approximately the cost of your flight and stay during a regular vision trip.

  • Custom trip. Consult with ICBM Academic Dean Steve Briix,, to adopt a project and raise the funds for that project.

  • Support the college. Give a gift of any size toward helping train ministry leaders at ICBM

  • Scholarship a student. Provide a scholarship for a pastor or ministry leader getting training at the college.

Step 3: Contact Dr. Briix,, and send in $100 to secure your spot and communicate your goal for the trip.


Under Donations: Projects select “Int’l College of Bible & Mission” enter the amount and all required fields. On the second screen in the Notes field please type in “Virtual Vision Trip.”

Step 4: Join a Zoom meeting offering training on raising funds. Get tips on sending out support letters and doing fundraisers for your trip.

Step 5: Take part in three Zoom meetings as you continue to pray for the ministry and people in South Africa.

Step 6: Praise God for the work we believe he will do on this trip.

To get started, contact Dr. Briix at and pay your $100 deposit by clicking here:


No passports. No immunizations. Just a simple way to learn, give and make a huge impact.

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