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Sixteen Hungarian women

by Ági Székely, Entrust, Hungary

Let me share with you the story of my Developing a Discerning Heart groups in Hungary. I was talking to a woman after a spiritual disciplines group, about how few Christian resources are available in Hungarian. She expressed a need for having a Christian training for the women in her church. When she described the need, I said, “At Entrust, we have such a training and it has been translated into Hungarian. I can help you.”

Then I was thinking: “Lord, what have I committed myself to? How am I going to do it and with whom?” I started praying in earnest. The answer came soon after that in a co-facilitator named Anna, who has gone through this training and would love to see it reaching more women.

After that came another challenge: 16 ladies signed up! We normally maximize the groups at 10 participants. The solution was to have two groups of eight. Since then, we have had four sessions, one every month, the first fully in person in November, one fully online and then two hybrid ones with some of us in person and some online. The feedback from the ladies is very positive, and they are faithfully reading the material, answering the questions and discussing it in the class. They are all amazing!

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