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Participant Teri Verduyn and facilitator David Goodman discuss an aspect of FRL

Two years waiting

by Tricia Lambert, Entrust curriculum director

Two years ago, facilitators were putting final touches on their lesson plans; participants were busy finishing their prep work, packing their suitcases, readying to get on a plane when COVID hit, and at the last minute, the Colorado Springs Facilitating Relational Learning module had to be cancelled. It was rescheduled for October, then the next April, then the fall – none of which took place. But in March, eight participants and three facilitators gathered for the reopening of the Colorado hub with FRL.

It was such a joy to be physically present with others, learning together about how God can use us as small group leaders to help others dive deep into the Scriptures for life-changing impact. This group of people, all active ministry workers, came expectant, ready to build their skills. Here are a few of their thoughts at the end of the week:

The training was much needed, transformational, and exciting…God has met me here, encouraged me and inspired me this week…the training was life changing.

This training was just what I needed to help me feel equipped to facilitate group discussions! I only wish I had taken it many years sooner.

My walk with the Lord has been rekindled and reenergized.

Excellent training no matter how much experience people have in leading small groups.

The surprising thing to me was how the overall group bonded and how rich the “practice” sessions were in biblical truth and worship!! I literally enjoyed every minute of it.

It was worth the wait.

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