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Why I love my job

by Ronda Knuth, Entrust curriculum writer

The world is facing a famine of Christian leadership. 3.2 million pastors and leaders lack adequate training. Imagine attending a church where the pastor is chosen simply because he is the oldest person in the congregation. Or maybe the only one with a Bible. Or the only one who can read. Without proper training, the word of God is not rightly divided and the people suffer.  

I get to make a difference around the world simply by sitting in my office, in my chair, my fingers on the keyboard. What I write here finds its way into the nooks and crannies of the world. The training resources that I, and my fellow team members, work on are used to equip and develop new leaders across the globe.  

Along with others on my team, I’m working on an update of a 276-page Entrust study called Walking with Christ. I reviewed formatting and lesson objectives and rewrote some stories used to bring the material home to the learner’s heart. It has already been field-tested to see if the material, as written, is easy to understand and presents material apropos to the topic at hand. I am learning all about the detailed curriculum development process of writing, editing, field-testing formatting and finalizing. Did I mention how much I love what I do?

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