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North Texas - LEED 2

The North Texas Hub: Leadership Equipping through Entrust Discipleship (LEED) has just been established in 2019. Tracy Wohlgamuth is the Hub coordinator, working together with an experienced team of women, each taking responsibility for the key areas of the Hub, including prayer, PR, facilities, hospitality, meal planning and finances. They love working together as a team, planning and praying for each detail. This is a semi-intensive hub, dividing each module into 2 parts, usually separated by up to 3 months. Up to four modules will be offered twice per year, in the winter and the summer months.



Frisco, TX


First Baptist Church of Frisco

Next Training:

Nov 4-7, 2021 & Jan 27-29, 2022

Modules Offered:


When additional information is available, download here:

Hub Coordinator:

Tracy W.

Email the hub coordinator:

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