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Entrust serves refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs) and Christians  in this region providing humanitarian aid, holding pastors’ conferences and family camps and offering theological education. 


In addition, Entrust Equipping Women offers regional trainings for women of varied backgrounds. Find out more. 


Bible Institute

Our Bible Institute provides theological, biblical and practical ministry training for residents of and refugees from a restricted-access nation. Graduates emerge equipped to serve, teach and lead in local churches wherever God may take them.

Village, regional and
IDP ministry

Our national staff member partners with Christian organizations to provide humanitarian relief and job training for refugees and IDPs, pastoral conferences for weary and lonely Christian pastors and a variety of services designed to bring disparate people groups together in unity.

Entrust Equipping Women

We offer our women’s ministry training modules both in-person and online to women of a variety of nationalities and backgrounds. These women discover their value as image-bearers of God, their spiritual giftedness and their valuable roles in the local church.


Middle Eastern Bible Institute: emphasis on doctrine and discipleship

In a mid-sized town in a mid-sized Middle Eastern nation, a Bible Institute operated by Entrust is quietly and unobtrusively equipping men and women with seminary-level Bible courses and practical ministry training.

Kim Huffman, Entrust Women-to-Women Ministry facilitator

Roaming blackouts

Lights appeared below, outlining the city as our plane approached, on our way in to help at an Entrust family camp. Suddenly the shape of the city changed as large sections below us went dark and smaller sections of light appeared.


Well worth the time and energy

My recent trip to the Middle East brought a lot of joy. It was a very long way to go to teach a Bible course to a classroom full of refugees, but I believe it was well worth the time and energy and expense!

Fuad, Middle East

A minority within a minority

My people were a minority within a minority, living with a belief system we could not change if we wanted to, all of life pre-determined by an impersonal god. This is the worldview into which I was born in the Middle East...

Laurie Lind, Entrust staff writer

I fell in love with God’s word … because of the teachers

Matthew came to faith in Christ as a young adult while a foreigner in a country not his own. He was a refugee, having fled his home country, not realizing God had vast spiritual plans for him in his new place of residence, Greece. There he encountered and accepted God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and began to attend a Christian school.

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