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The Simple Power of a Question

Something was lacking.

Lisa was a mature Christian. She’d grown up surrounded by loving, active followers of Jesus. She had a life-long walk with him that came naturally. 

Yet, she says, “I often felt on the outside looking in when it came to the deep connections that I perceived others were experiencing.”

She wanted to feel seen, to be drawn into authentic relationships with others. She also desired, always desired, to learn.

“I often felt on the outside looking in.”

Her longings were met to some extent in small group Bible studies and other ministries in her church. She learned. She made connections. But still, she often felt like something was missing; deeper learning, deeper relationships.

Then came Facilitating Relational Learning. Invited by a friend to this Entrust training module, and drawn by the concepts of “relational” and “learning” in the very name of the module, Lisa enthusiastically signed up. 


It turned out to be a huge commitment. Before even walking in the door for the first day of training, Lisa spent about 40 hours in pre-study. She read, wrote and reflected on lessons in two Entrust workbooks and multiple Scripture passages. She was prompted to pray, to seek God, to worship him. She filled a notebook with discoveries and questions.  

By the time the training began, her mind was swimming with concepts she longed to share and discuss.

“Still, she often felt like something was missing.”

The week-long intensive training was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. 

Her Facilitating Relational Learning facilitators set a safe and welcoming tone from day one. Lisa was amazed at how quickly everyone felt at home, free to speak, able to be vulnerable. She learned that each participant’s voice was not only welcome, but part of the learning process for the group. 

“I had no idea what I didn’t know,” Lisa says. “As we discussed the value of open questions, I realized I hadn’t even known the questions I could be asking!”

She discovered that everyone in the group, including the facilitators, was a co-learner. 

“Becoming a co-learner of Scripture with women drew me into connection with the Lord Jesus and with his people,” she says.

She learned to study the Bible inductively. She learned how to write a lesson plan. She led a study through a passage with Scripture, receiving loving feedback from the group … three times!

“I had no idea what I didn’t know.”

She gained tips on how to redirect a small group when discussion got off track. She grew in understanding of various learning styles and how to meet those styles in a group.

Lisa noticed immediate impact after completing the module.

Asking open questions and honestly listening to the answers drew her into deeper conversations and more genuine relationships with people than ever before.


Her new-found study skills increased her personal engagement with Scripture and the richness of her discussions of Scripture in small groups.

She even conducted an entire meeting at church, where a big question needed resolution, using questions only, not stating her own opinion or agenda. Her questions led the group to a robust discussion and in the end, every member of the group arrived at the same conclusion. 

“It was delightful to watch the faces of the women as the significance of the conversation dawned on all of us.” 

It was, Lisa says, “breathtaking.”


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