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We've gained staff

Laurie Lind

We’ve gained Spain, Latvia and the Philippines.

God is expanding Entrust’s borders, adding new staff to our global family, including three new women from three disparate countries.

Dámaris Zafra lives in Castellón, Spain. As a child, she wanted to serve God in Africa. But over the years, God showed her the great needs in her own country. As an Entrust staff member, she will disciple, teach and mentor local leaders, assist with training events, provide editing for course translation and contextualization projects and help recruit Spanish-speaking trainers.

Lasma Asme desires to see women from all regions in her home country, Latvia, equipped to strengthen their local churches. She “fell in love with Jesus again” during an Entrust ministry training in Riga, and eventually said “yes” to God’s call to serve as Entrust’s first full-time Latvian staff member.

Emily De Jesus Garcia hopes to establish an Entrust training hub in her home country, the Philippines. She’s an entrepreneur, former business owner and seminary student. After her first experience with Entrust ministry training, Emily realized, “This is the kind of training women need in the Philippines.” 

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