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Joy of Giving

Summer Family Dinner

a celebration feast

We like to think of giving as a meal shared with friends. Each friend plays a part in preparing the meal and the space. At the table we share beauty, delight, creativity, labor, laughter, and connection. 

So it is with kingdom work. Each friend makes an impact according to our gifts. Laboring, giving, creating, praying, and connecting, we come together to celebrate the coming Kingdom.

Giving to others brings joy, spreads cheer, and connects us in relationship and purpose. Investing in others enables us to reach beyond ourselves to  believe in a brighter tomorrow.

Would giving bring you joy? 

If giving a special gift or joining our team with a monthly commitment would bring you joy, we invite you to join the celebration, reach beyond and invest in the kingdom!

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Blowing Confetti

God loves cheerful givers!

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