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A lifeline, a safe place, a non-negotiable

My husband and I recently served at two events in Asia, one made up of pastors and another of young Bible school students. Both times, we introduced the importance of small groups. As I shared, my mind went back over our past 40 years of overseas ministry.

While we lived under the Romanian communist regime, our small group was a lifeline for the national women who attended. It was a place where they could feel safe, where they could ask questions, where they could be encouraged by God’s word and one another.

After Romania gained freedom, I was in a small group made up of other expatriate women, all of whom were involved in ministry. Our group was a place where we felt understood. Since we all had young children, we could encourage one another as we raised children in a foreign country and as we sought to best support our husbands.

Another group was “my girls.” These were young women, some in university, others in their early 20s and starting their careers. We “grew up” together, living life together as we celebrated marriages, births, heartaches, frustrations. God’s word was the key that grounded and grew each of us.

“Small groups are a non-negotiable in our lives! I trust that will be true of you, as well.”

- Mary and her husband serve with Entrust in Asia

Group of women holding hands in a field

“ … in the small group setting, we are exposed to how others interpret life, invited to be vulnerable and transparent, and challenged by those who are going through similar experiences. This leads to our maturity. The community of faith is one of the most important ways God has chosen to convey Christ to us.”

- Facilitator Training workbook ©2015 Entrust

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