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In this section, you'll see some of Entrust's current partnerships. Whether you're a foundation looking to fund an effective ministry project or an individual looking to bring Christian leadership training into your country, you'll notice that we work with a broad range of programs and strategies. 

To discuss developing a partnership with Entrust, send us an email detailing your needs and ideas.


Global Mentorship Network is a leadership initiative based in Africa. It seeks to develop leaders from a spiritual and intellectual base. GMN focuses specifically on spiritual formation, professional development, ministry effectiveness and marriage and family.

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In much of Africa, non-formal, church-based training (as conducted by More than a Mile Deep, another of our African ministry partners) works extremely well. At the same time, increasing numbers of African Christians are able to and desire to attend brick-and-mortar schools. In keeping with Entrust’s value on adapting to meet local training needs, we gladly serve within the framework of established schools.

Entrust’s Arthur Alard is Academic Dean at International College of Bible and Missions in Johannesburg, South Africa. ICBM “exists to serve the need of training leaders for the evangelical churches of Southern Africa,” according to its website.

ICBM'S website

Entrust's Hungarian ministry partner, KIA (Christian Educational Foundation) is an organization between churches with the purpose to promote the spiritual growth of believers by serving in their local congregation.

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In Africa, years of superficial ministry led some to describe Christianity that spreads rapidly but doesn’t make a difference in how people live as “a mile wide and an inch deep.” Thus, African Christians serving with Entrust have chosen to call their leadership development initiative More than a Mile Deep (MMD).

After surveying church leaders across sub-Saharan Africa, MMD saw a deep hunger for training driven by the uniquely African challenges faced by the church. African Christians and theologians designed MMD’s comprehensive curriculum and continue to write, field test and facilitate its unique ministry training courses.

MMD training is accredited and non-formal. Each course is designed with biblical integrity and with the intent of individual, church and community transformation. Many of the courses utilize Action-Reflection-Action (ARA) methodology.

Learn more about the mission and foundational principles of MMD.


Equipping Women International strives to provide accessible and affordable ministry skill training in regional hub cities worldwide. We have personally experienced the spiritual nurture and life-changing dynamics that occur when women gather and learn together, and we are passionate about providing this life-on-life experience for our fellow global servants.

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