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A faithful servant

A faithful servant and groups she leads

Meet Marilyn Farnik and consider her many hats.

1. Assistant to her husband Jerry in church planting a. monthly lunch and Bible study with women from the church b. frequent individual times with the women for fellowship and encouragement

c. Sunday School teacher d. regular meeting with new moms’ group

2. Evangelist a. Bible club in public school for mostly unchurched kids b. English classes for people of all ages (using the Bible whenever possible)

3. Entrust curriculum facilitator a. regular ministry training classes for women

4. Coordinator (with Jerry) of summer outreach events and an annual biblical counseling conference

Each of her Entrust learning groups works through seven training modules over five years. Most recently, Marilyn has had a group in Prague where she lives, one in Kuřím in the Moravian region of the country, and three in the Silesian region.

Each monthly session requires significant preparation time for Marilyn, two days’ train travel (except for the Prague group), sleeping in a church guest room or someone’s home, and four hours of discussion with the women, in Czech. In a country where most people call themselves atheists and where Christian women are hesitant to take on ministry roles for fear of being seen as proud. Meaning, evangelism is slow and multiplying leaders is difficult.

Yet Marilyn presses on. With joy and confidence that God will bring forth fruit.

Marilyn’s groups take courses on Bible study, the Christian life, evangelism and discipleship, marriage, family, women’s ministry and biblical counseling, emerging well-equipped to serve. But Czech women sometimes hesitate. One of Marilyn’s greatest joys is seeing them recognize the value of leading and discipling others, overcoming fear and initiating ministry with other women. Multiplying leaders. Slowly but surely.

Discover who Marilyn considers to be her heroes. You might be surprised.

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