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Addressing the need for discipleship

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As a new Christian and a refugee in Greece, Matthew made some key discoveries at the Christian school he attended. “Number one was love of the beauty of the word of God, how complicated and how simple the word of God is at the same time,” he says.

Secondly, he noticed the character of the teachers, (some from Entrust), who, though long-term followers of Christ, “were very humble,” admitting they still had lots to learn about "the Lord." This stood in stark contrast to pastors from Matthew’s home country, who, he says, become pastors soon after salvation, “think they know everything” and often “don’t know what they are talking about.”

God led Matthew and his wife, Sarah, to establish a Bible Institute for people of his nationality. Carefully selected students are enrolled each year to receive instruction in both theology and discipleship from visiting pastors and professors. One of the school’s aims is to respond to what Matthew calls “a huge problem” with the church in his country. “They are having a wonderful revival, but the people are not being trained.”

Using an increasingly hybrid model of in-person and distance training, the Bible Institute is equipping pastors and church leaders in Matthew’s country and those living in neighboring nations to shepherd their nationality’s church with humility and integrity and to equip next generations of leaders to do the same.

Timothy preaches monthly in church. After four years of discipling from Matthew and others and three years of study at the Bible Institute, only now is Timothy invited to teach the word of God. He’s demonstrated sincere desire to serve the Lord and to continue learning and growing as a disciple while making disciples. He’s the kind of pastor the Bible Institute is training ... slowly, humbly and with biblical integrity.

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