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Appreciating how far God has taken us

Dr. Andrew B. Seidel, chairman, Entrust board of directors

Man hiking in the mountains.

COVID brought added difficulty to Entrust’s ministry over the last two years. It became harder for our staff to travel, especially across borders, and harder to meet in groups anywhere. While things are beginning to open up a bit more, I still had to watch the graduation of the 10th generation of our Romanian pastoral theology program on Zoom—from 2 to 5 a.m., Texas time!

Throughout these COVID years, I have been amazed and heartened by the way our Entrust staff have adapted and creatively ministered throughout the world. Our staff in Serbia had their own health issues during COVID but continued mentoring younger pastors and discipling new believers. In Russia, our staff was invited by their city government to develop teaching for promot- ing healthy families. In addition, they found ways to continue to encourage pastors.

In Slovakia, Christians were disconnected from their churches by COVID, so our staff took their ministry online and continued to encourage pastors who were dealing with burnout because of the extra pressure on their lives and ministries. Facing similar challenges in South Africa, our staff developed an “app” to help them continue to mentor believers.

I hope you are as heartened by these faithful and creative Entrust servants as I am, and that you will consider blessing them with generous giving as we approach the end of this year.

December is a great time to bless your faithful, creative Entrust staff member, and to further fund the Entrust ministry project(s) you’ve grown to love. Special year-end gifts make a fiscal and an eternal difference!

Please pray and give as God leads, generously and cheerfully. Thank you!

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