Let’s pray now! How, when, where and what we pray

by Lynn Blase, Entrust, Serbia

“Let’s not give up meeting together ...” (Heb. 10:25)

I wonder what the original recipients’ reactions were to these words. Were the believers thankful for this admonition because some had stopped meeting with them, and they did not want the exodus to continue? Perhaps there were some in the church who were considering not meeting together any longer and found these words to be convicting. Did they find these words to be encouraging, the very reason the author of Hebrews wrote them?

When we meet together, we encourage one another. Over the years, the bride of Christ has encouraged me in more ways than I can recall; therefore, I cherish meeting with other believers. They encourage me to share my faith, use my spiritual gifts and study the Bible. They also encourage me to pray.

In the four decades I have followed Jesus, I have learned much about praying from fellow believers, and I have had opportunities to pass along what I have learned about prayer to others, thus encouraging and being encouraged.

Four aspects of prayer which have been significant for me these past few years are 1) how we pray, 2) where we pray, 3) when we pray, and 4) what we pray.

How we pray

How we pray is one of the first spiritual practices discussed when mentoring a new believer. This aspect encompasses several topics such as our posture when praying and whether we are more comfortable praying aloud or silently.

I learned something new about how to pray my first week in Serbia, where my husband Jim and I have been serving since 2018. We began attending an early morning prayer gathering at our church. What I immediately noticed —and continue to notice whenever a group of local believers gather to pray — is that these folks do not pause when one person finishes praying and another begins. No five seconds of silence, such as I’d grown accustomed to in America. I sense that the Serbians are so eager to pray that when one stops another immediately begins. It seems as though no one wants to pause the worship. They literally “pray without ceasing.” (1 Thess. 5:17) Joy from the privilege of praying for others and praying in the presence of God is palpable.

Whether we pause or not is not my point. Rather, how eager do I sound when I pray? If an unbeliever were to listen in on the Serbians’ prayer gatherings, he would probably conclude, “Wow! Those people are crazy about their God.” The Lord knows I need to pray with folks who see prayer as a delight and not a chore. Whoever taught these first-generation Serbian Christians how to pray did a great job.

Where we pray

Where can we pray? Simple question, right? We know that God is omnipresent and that prayer is communicating with God, so the obvious response is, everywhere. Once again, though, the Serbian believers enlarged my view of this second aspect of prayer by teaching me about an invaluable place to pray.

This same church where we gather in the morning to pray places great priority on prayer during outreach events. When the church hosts such an event — for example, an Alpha course — a group gathers in the balcony and prays while the event takes place below on the main floor of the sanctuary. The group gathers every week that the event is held and prays the entire time the event is taking place that day.