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What can Entrust do for you?

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You give to and follow the ministries of Entrust. Let us give back to you! Here are some tools we’d love to share with you.

ENTRUST WEBSITE. Read stories of God at work around the world. Discover ministry resources available to you including downloadable articles, ministry trainings taking place near you and opportunities to join our ministry.

EQUIPPING CHRISTIAN LEADERS. Our quarterly blog features a pair of articles on a topic related to training and developing Christian leaders. An Entrust author speaks to the topic from Entrust’s viewpoint, while an author from outside our organization adds an additional perspective.

FACEBOOK. Learn about the people and work of Entrust, keep up with our latest news, receive encouraging and thought-provoking memes to share with friends. Like us, follow us, share and re-post to encourage other Christian leaders and people in ministry.

GUIDING TRANSFORMATIONAL SMALL GROUPS. This half-day workshop is designed to strengthen the small group leaders in your church or ministry. Participants actually become a small group as they discover and practice ways to establish a comfortable learning atmosphere for others.

SACRED SPACES. A website and podcast hosted by Entrust’s Amber Simpson, detailing the skills and principles provided in our core ministry training modules. Enjoy Amber’s warm, inviting personality and gain practical tips, thoughts and advice.

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