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The world is facing a famine of Christian leadership.

3.2 million pastors and leaders lack adequate training.

   Entrust's training resources will equip you to develop new leaders.


Our online internship program will connect you with kingdom servants from
around the

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Christian ministries and seminaries talk about contextualizing leadership training.

But how many actually do it?

Entrust staff members partner with indigenous pastors and leaders to address local issues relating to church growth and discipleship. 


This applies to the U.S. just as much as it applies to international destinations. 

Entrust's process begins with asking questions.


"What social dynamics affect education models? What motivates learners in this culture? How have previous approaches to learning failed to meet local needs?"

Therefore, Entrust staff members embrace ministries of collaboration in order to equip pastors and leaders with biblical skills and understanding. This includes curricula, programs and leadership modules. 


Equipped with Entrust methods, pastors are able to train other leaders in ways that make sense to their specific audiences.

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